Market Analysis of the Web Design Industry

As do-it-yourself website creator Wix files for IPO at a company valuation of $700M, does this development mark the future of the website design industry? Would website creation be led by non-professional amateurs and hobbyists using DIY solutions? What role would professional designers play in this evolving market?With tools like Wix (Homestead, Squarespace and Weebly), the market has seen a rise of low-cost, DIY solutions, offering B2C platforms for small business owners. Designed to provide a “fast, fun and easy” process, these DIY websites allow amateur users to choose from a limited selection of pre-designed templates to create basic websites. Yet, just 3% of websites are created using do-it-yourself platforms. Amateur users find it hard to finish the process on their own and only a small percentage of registered users (1%-3%) end up with a published website on domain.With the web design service industry a $20.1B market in the US alone, and more than 16M new websites added every month, who creates these millions of new sites?More than 70% of websites are created in a professional process by developers using pro-developers platforms. These B2B solutions offer tools for building advanced websites including custom design and CMS (Content Management Systems), such as WordPress, Joomla and Drupal. However, in order to create functioning websites developers need to manually convert static graphic design into code.for more detail Please contact Arisen Technologies to see how we can help you about other advanced features to determine whether the types of modifications required for the features you are interested in implementing are supported by yourCMS

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  1. Thanks for the great tips! I do have a question however that I think you could
    probably answer. I was wondering, When you do a mockup design for a responsive website, do you do a mockup for every possible screen sizes?
    Any insight would be greatly appreciated!

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