Top Cool and Funny Instagram Notes 2023

Cool and Funny Instagram Notes Ideas

– Let me distract you. – lost in my thoughts – Don’t just exist, live. – How can I help you? – “Drop it like it’s hot” – Keep your head held       high

Witty Instagram Notes Ideas

– Use more than 60      characters to note     anything – I’d keep my note to myself – Always happy in a bar – *insert very funny joke       here* – *Eyeroll* – Nine is wine time

Smart Instagram Notes Ideas

– Smile on your face, regret       a little less. – Better an oops than a what        if notes. – My favorite school time      was recess. – Be the best version of      yourself.

Motivational and Inspirational Instagram Notes Ideas

– Target your time plan       every day. – I’ll never try to fit in. I was      born to STAND OUT! – Reality called, so I hung      up. – The little things in life      matter.