Business Intelligence

We Have Business Intelligence (BI) Software Developers

As Business Intelligence (BI) Software Developers continue to advance technology’s potential to automate mission-critical decisions, enterprises that fail to invest will find their more modern competitors unable to catch up. We efficiently program and implement BI solutions for market forecasting, trend analysis and operational optimization.

BI software development

Our developers provide comprehensive business intelligence software development services. We use Online Analytical Processing (OLAP) technology for seamless multi-dimensional analysis of big data from multiple sources.

BI data warehouse development

We provide Business Intelligence (BI) data warehouse services including engineering of central repositories to extract transform and load (ETL) data from various platforms and applications.

On-premises BI software development

We develop self-service and server-based dashboard software that can be easily deployed and installed in any on-premises network environment. Our BI solutions can be adapted to any existing hardware.

BI reporting and dashboard

We develop robust and customizable dashboards with reporting and analytics tools that provide real-time insights into a variety of pixel-perfect displays. Our dashboard and reporting tools have the capability to run on any browser or platform.

Data Science & Machine Learning

We engineer data science and machine learning tools to configure and create predictive models with the ability to be shared and custom-scripted. Our machine learning models are capable of being trained automatically based on the data.

Cloud BI Software Development

We deploy cloud-based applications using container architecture for lightweight app development. We ensure that industry compliance, governance and security protocols are built into all of the business intelligence technologies we develop.

Custom BI Cloud Solutions:

Arisen’s engineers build custom business intelligence (BI) cloud app solutions that use AI-powered software, IoT technologies and/or big data storage to optimize core business operations.

AI Cloud Solutions

We leverage the power of an AI-powered cloud environment to build cloud machine learning platforms, launch intelligent chatbots, optimize external data storage, and more.

IoT Cloud Solutions

We combine the power of IoT and the cloud to build robust, highly functional cloud IoT solutions that support connected applications, power industrial operations, and more.

Big Data Cloud Solutions

We unlock the power of cloud computing to enhance big data storage processing and visualization, accommodating big data volume, velocity and diversity to meet business needs.

Business Intelligence

Custom BI data visualization and reporting solutions:

We build interactive and data-rich data visualization and reporting tools with a variety of custom displays such as tables, charts, candlesticks, gauges, diagrams, maps, and more.

Custom BI Software Solutions

We build custom business intelligence software solutions for desktop, mobile devices and browser apps, complete with personalized and customizable business intelligence dashboards that provide real-time visibility on KPIs. We need features like Big Data Processing, Predictive Analytics and more.

Sales Analysis Solutions

Our custom sales analysis solutions deliver accurate, scalable and real-time sales forecasts, allowing users to connect to any sales data source, automatically fill in QBR dashboards and customizable notifications/reviews from any device. Can send/receive alerts.

Marketing Analytics Solutions

We create marketing analytics solutions to maximize ROI by combining marketing data with sales and finance data to clearly depict the impact of marketing efforts across departments with API connections to any marketing data source.

Financial analytics solutions

We provide finance analytics solutions that consolidate KPIs and provide real-time metrics around revenue, profitability and productivity. We build custom apps and data science models to connect teams and provide action-oriented data.

IT & Helpdesk Analytics Solutions

We build custom IT and helpdesk analytics solutions that seamlessly integrate with your existing IT infrastructure, so that users with Individualized Governing Capabilities (RBAC modules) can store data securely and quickly and efficiently. Can provide centralized query responses.

Social Media Analytics Solutions

Our custom social media analytics solutions provide users with the ability to analyze, monitor, revise and visualize market trends in real time, as well as manage their social media campaigns and performance across multiple channels from a single, integrated platform. Track analysis.

Custom BI Software Features:

This can be analyzed in real time, turning raw data into actionable insights, while we optimize the features of your BI platform to best fit your unique business needs.

Data preparation and integration

We help you get data from multiple sources and organize it into a secure hub with the ability to integrate with any existing infrastructure for customized analysis.

Mobile BI Application

We build custom mobile apps designed to promote better scalability, better connectivity and broadband coverage, unlimited data storage, and more.

Real-time visual data analysis

We build custom interactive visual dashboards for real-time data analysis and monitoring through graphs, tables, charts and more on an easy-to-use interface.

Augmented Analytics

Our developers enhance your existing analytics software with AI and other tools to provide comprehensive and accurate insights and quickly detect anomalies.

Integrated Business Insights

Our developers help you connect KPIs, dashboards and reports into a secure and easy-to-use portal, creating a full range of integrated analytics.

Automated Business Processes

We implement features that automate and standardize the development process to improve productivity, save time and bring to costs.

Embedded BI Analytics

We build embedded analytics platforms to seamlessly integrate with any application or self-service portal using APIs and SAML authentication.

Security Compliance and Governance

We implement SecureKey authorization technology to provide enhanced security and the ability to control accessibility permissions at a scalable level.

Flexible data deployment

Our expert developers help you deploy data in-cloud, on-premises or on hybrid platforms to meet your specific data deployment needs.