Payment Processing

Create Unique Payment Experiences with Custom POS Solutions

Developers at Arisen Technologies help MSPs, PSPs, ISVs, PayFacs and other financial institutions enhance the functionality of their Point of Sale (POS) systems with our custom integration and app development services.

Custom POS Integration

Arisen Technologies low-cost POS developer-rented integrated POS hardware and software, through custom REST API development, provides you and your merchants with an all-in-one custom-tailored POS solution.

Our experienced, low-cost developers help you streamline mission-critical business tasks with custom POS integration. We provide the following custom POS development services:

  • Integration with leading POS systems (Veriphone, Ingenico, Pax, Equinox, and Clover)
  • Fast and efficient POS terminal interface upgrade
  • Application acceptance and publication on various POS app marketplaces
  • POS configuration using various pinpad connectivity options

POS App Development

Our certified POS developers create custom apps that are compatible with all POS terminal devices, offering you with a feature-rich & Create Unique payment processing  system customized to the needs of you and your merchants. Hire dedicated POS developers to build or add custom features to your standalone POS app. We will leverage our expertise in 40+ industry verticals to build custom applications that extend the functionality of your existing POS system.

Payment processing


Arisen Technologies custom development experts ensure that your payment software meets consumer protection standards including Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI-DSS), Payment Application Data Security Standard (PA-DSS), EMV, Check-21, and other payment standards. Complies.

Custom POS Applications:

We build custom POS applications that provide seamless integration compatibility with all POS hardware devices, specifically designed for the Restaurant, F&B, Grocery Store, Petro, Hospitality and Retail industries.

Loyalty-Based Apps

We design, develop and deploy exclusive loyalty-based apps compatible with POS hardware with the aim of providing incentives and branded engagement to customers.

Pay-at-Table Solutions

We associate custom or merchant payment solutions that allow users to browse a menu, order and pay from the table, as well as scan to pay with QR code functionality.

Cash Discount

Arisen Technologies builds custom apps that provide cash discount payment flow with functionalities to set service charge percentage and/or flat fee directly from POS.

Ordering online

We build custom online ordering platforms for retail companies, restaurants, kirana stores etc. to enable online and self-service order placement within the POS app.

Order / Inventory Management

Our specialized programmers integrate payment processing software and custom-tailored inventory management modules for real-time inventory and order tracking, fully visible across all POS devices.

Automated Reporting

We build automated sales and data visualization modules that display rich data sets, including tables, charts, diagrams, maps, candlesticks, gauges and more.