Fraud Prevention

We Have Fraud Prevention & Detection Software Developers

Arisen Technologies highly experienced fraud detection and prevention software developers engineer custom-tailored solutions that are designed to prevent fraudulent activities from occurring across business infrastructure while providing a superior customer experience.

Enterprise Fraud Protection Software Development

Arisen Technologies highly experienced developers program advanced fraud detection analysis for platforms with optimized rules-based engines, machine learning, data analysis algorithms, and Continuous Control Monitoring (CCM) technologies.

E-Commerce Fraud Detection & Protection Software

Protect your e-commerce business with an end-to-end e-commerce fraud management solution with unique features in database for pattern recognition, data mining, real-time monitoring and knowledge discovery (KDD).

Banking and Financial Crime Management Software

Our fraud detection and protection software enables banks, processors, acquirers and other financial networks to stay ahead of fraudsters, reduce fraud losses, improve detection rates and prevent financial crime in actual time.

Fraud Prevention Software Development

Prevent money laundering, tax evasion, counterfeit bank checks, identity theft, cyber security threats, fraud insurance claims, terrorist financing, and other prevalent fraudulent activities that affect organizations everywhere with Arisen Technologies’ custom fraud prevention software solutions. are inside.

The Arisen Technologies team of highly experienced software developers has the skills and resources needed to develop best-in-class fraud prevention software for desktop, web and mobile devices, with key fraud prevention components including:

  • Anti-money laundering portal
  • Custom fraud parameters
  • Fraud data analysis programming
  • User access security management features
  • Payment transaction approval hierarchies
  • Risk assessment modules

Internal Fraud Prevention

Prevent internal fraud by eliminating hand-off, unauthorized employee access and other internal fraud activities with secure employee identity verification protocols and algorithms that monitor fraud signals found in employee language and behavior.


Voice Recognition / Authentication

Protect your business from data breaches, account acquisition, remote access Trojans, fraud bots and other attacks by replacing your existing one-time passcode-based account recovery system with secure voice recognition/authentication.

Fraud Statistical Data Analysis

Our fraud prevention genius software team implements fraud data analytics modules that cover statistical parameter calculations (performance, volume and average), regression analysis, probability distributions and models, data matching and time-series analysis.

Phishing and scam protection

We program a combination of technologies including comprehensive learning, natural language processing, robotic process automation (RPA), and computer vision/logo recognition to identify fake domains, phishing and scam sites, cryptojacking sites and other fraudulent sites.

Authorized Push Payment (APP)

Our custom payment fraud prevention solutions allow users to perform real-time payment fraud screening, enforce real-time rules as part of a multi-layered fraud protection strategy, combat Authorized Push Payment (APP) fraud and much more allow.

Ecommerce Platform Fraud Solutions

Whether your e-commerce storefront runs on Magento, Shopify, BigCommerce, WooCommerce, or ZenCart, Arisen Technologies will develop a custom fraud detection and protection software solution and incorporate it into your current e-commerce platform.

Fraud detection software development

Arisen Technologies provides customizable and scalable enterprise fraud detection software solutions that combine machine learning/deep learning, rules-based decision engines, artificial intelligence and streaming analytics for rapid detection of fraudulent activity.

AI and Machine Learning Algorithms

We leverage AI and machine learning models to improve the speed and accuracy of your fraud detection platform, enabling user accounts, logins, transactions, human visitors sessions, emails and deposits (cash, cheque, ACH, cards, etc.).

Fraudulent Data Mining Technologies

To effectively detect and validate control systems against fraudulent activities, we employ customized fraud data mining techniques designed to classify, cluster and segment data, taking advantage of discoverable “meaningful” patterns related to fraud. We do.

Predictive Modeling and Analytics

Our custom fraud detection software solutions include predictive analytics technology, so you can quickly detect potential security threats and determine which claims may or may not qualify for approval using past data trends and variables.

Pattern Recognition / Anomaly Detection

We implement time series, bloom filters and pattern recognition data structures within our custom-tailored enterprise fraud detection software solutions, allowing users to examine transactions against known patterns and detect anomalies.

Charge back fraud protection

Using advanced AI and machine learning tools, we program robust chargeback management software designed to quickly identify discrepancies based on customers’ past behavior to help businesses prevent potential chargeback fraud and lost revenue. Can get help.

Fraud prevention and detection tools and technologies

We will integrate industry-leading fraud prevention software and detection software solutions with your current business workflows and processes to create an all-in-one, integrated solution that helps you boost your revenue by reducing friction, fraud and financial crime.


Simplify your fraud and risk management by integrating Redis with your existing workflow, while protecting against hundreds of types of fraud through a single integrated system.

We easily integrate with your current business processes to help you manage your entire fraud prevention program in a single software solution.


By integrating Forter with your current e-commerce platform, you can inspire greater customer loyalty by eliminating false rejections at all key touchpoints.


Our developers easily integrate Riskified with your e-commerce storefront, enabling guaranteed chargeback, policy protection and account protection.


We will easily integrate Count with your existing business systems to prevent digital fraud and protect the entire customer journey from start to finish.


Build your customer experience, prevent fraud, and protect your enterprise business by integrating your internal business infrastructure with Cybersource.