Mobile &Tablet

We provide custom mobile app development services:

We create the perfect mobile app or efficiently improve your existing mobile app with customizable features, integrations and modifications.

Mobile application development

We are highly proficient in engineering custom-built Android, iOS and Windows Mobile apps that cover all your essential and custom-tailored business needs at very affordable rates.

Android App Development

Reach more customers on popular Android mobile devices by using Arisen Technologies’ end-to-end Android mobile app development, incorporation, implementation and support services.

iOS App Development

We use iOS mobile app development tools to help businesses stand out and reach greater business goals

Windows App Development

We leverage the power of Microsoft to engineer mobile applications, such as Windows-based IoT consumer and industrial mobile apps.

Our team creates custom mobile apps that strictly comply with Apple’s regulatory standards and guidelines so that yours can be published and distributed on the Custom App Store.

Mobile Application Platforms:

Our mobile app development experts built cross-platform, native and hybrid apps using best practices and best tools.

Cross-Platform Mobile App Development

Our custom-tailored cross-platform mobile apps are create with many custom tailored features and functions that optimize the user experience

Native Mobile App Development

We build high-performance, secure and intuitive native mobile applications to deliver the end user experience, help businesses improve their conversion rates, and drive customer loyalty.

Hybrid mobile app development

We build hybrid mobile apps using the PhoneGap framework, create with JavaScript, HTML and CSS, to allow businesses to reach more customers on any mobile device.

Mobile Application Design and Development Services:

We manage the entire lifecycle of the mobile application development process, delivering best-in-class UX/UI design, deployment best practices and temporary support.

Enterprise Mobile App Development

We create enterprise mobile applications that meet security and reliability requirements for large organizations to increase productivity, streamline workflow, and provide greater visibility and control.

Mobile & Tablet

UX/UI Design and Development

We enhance the look, feel and functionality of your existing mobile applications by integrating custom features and creating new designs to improve aesthetics, navigation and mobile responsiveness.

Mobile App Support and Maintenance

We provide temporary support and maintenance once your mobile app is developed and deployed, ensuring that it performs in optimum conditions on all devices and no errors exist.

Custom Mobile Application Solutions:

We integrate, modify, customize and develop all kinds of features to engineer the best possible application that best serves your brand and fulfills your mission.

Custom-Tailored Mobile Apps

Using the latest application development technologies, we specialize in creating custom mobile application solutions for startups, small- to medium-sized and enterprise-sized businesses to streamline their workflows.

GPS and GIS Capabilities

We implement GPS and GIS capabilities into existing applications, authorizing additional location, navigation, tracking, mapping and timing functionality.

Camera & Video Access

We add camera and video accessibility to your existing mobile application, allowing users to capture, access and submit photos or videos directly from the app.

Advanced Haptics Technology

We apply haptics technologies to your custom mobile application, enabling users to touch, feel and manipulate 3D objects in a virtual environment.

Wearable Application Solutions

We program customizable wearable application solutions for smartwatches, fitness devices, medical devices and security wearable software, allowing users to visualize and manage their data.

IoT Mobile Application Solutions

We build smart IoT mobile application solutions to effectively manage networks for smart things while implementing custom dashboards and reporting modules for customized data visualization.

AR/VR Mobile Application Solution

We engineer context-aware augmented and virtual reality mobile applications that use location data, object recognition software, and 3D features to deliver the ultimate immersive user experience.

Cloud-Based App Solutions

We deliver custom-tailored mobile cloud applications equipped with local data caching capabilities, exclusive cloud infrastructure, elastic scalability, and more.

Who Use Industry-Leading Development Tools

We leverage mobile app development tools to design beautiful, reliable, responsive and highly interoperable mobile apps that can put your business on the map.

PhoneGap Developers

We harness the power of PhoneGap to create our dynamic cross-platform and hybrid mobile apps. We ensure that your app complies with Apple’s UX/UI standards and guidelines so that your app can be distributed on the App Store.

Swift Developers

Our Swift developers execute mission-critical mobile applications in a variety of industry verticals, build new applications from scratch in Swift code, or revamp your existing mobile applications with custom integrations.

Flutter Developers

Our Flutter developers create flexible, reliable and highly responsive on-demand mobile applications for Android and iOS devices for all types of industry startups, small-medium and enterprise-sized businesses to scale.

Ionic Developers

Our experienced team of mobile application developers harnesses the power of the Ionic framework to build better native experiences faster, drive seamless front-end experiences, and increase customer engagement.

React Native Developers

Our teams of React Native developers apply their vast knowledge of React architecture and use the React Native library to create superior mobile experiences written in JavaScript using the SDKs contained in both Android and iOS.

Xamarin Developers

Our mobile application developers engage your customers across all operating systems using Microsoft’s Xamarin framework, programmed using C# to eliminate the complexity of coding in multiple programming languages.