Product Engineering

What do Product Engineers do?

A product engineer is a professional responsible for designing commercial products and their production processes. This position works closely with product development teams to transform ideas into marketable items based on industry research.

Validate product ideas

Our exclusive Discover and Frame workshop enables you to validate concepts and turn ideas into concrete requirements. A data-driven proof of concept helps you advance ideas that have real business value and can generate profitable revenue. One of the most important aspects of starting a business is confirming that there is a demand for your products. There’s nothing more discouraging than spending your time and energy creating a product you think people will love, only to realize there’s no interest when you launch.

Transform product vision to reality

Bring your complicated software solutions to life with our full-cycle software engineering services. Having built over 1000 software solutions for a diverse set of industries, Daffodil is in a unique position to bring ideas from Whiteboard to market through UI/UX design, programming, testing, systems integration and product stability.

Innovate and stay ahead of the curve

Our R&D labs constantly experiment with the latest technologies, design patterns and development methodologies to continuously push the boundaries of what is possible with technology. Our research gives you strategic leverage for challenges that require breakthrough solutions.

Accelerate project delivery

Our team of 800+ cross-functional experts can engage with you at any stage of the software development life cycle – allowing you to flex your team to meet a specific skill requirement, accelerating time-to-market and ensure the quality of your product.

Modernize legacy software applications

Whether your software solution lacks versatility due to outdated application infrastructure, inefficient servers, or outdated interface designs, we can help you re-engineer and modernize your older software applications, while maintaining data integrity and security with minimal downtime assist you.

Automate business processes

Our team understands that automation is the need of the hour in any industry to operate efficiently and stay ahead of the competition. With the help of resources, technology and innovative minds at our disposal, we aim to automate your business processes for better efficiency and operation ability.