How to Install Grammarly for Chrome?

Grammarly Extension

You can integrate Grammarly with Chrome to have it check your grammar as you type in browser text fields, which is one of the features that makes it such a potent English grammar checker. When you use Grammarly for Chrome, you can automatically spell-check everything you write in Chrome, including emails, documents in Google Docs, social media posts, and more. It’s easy to install the Google Chrome extension;

Just follow these steps.

Step 1. Find Grammarly in the Chrome Web Store:

web Store grammary for chrome

To find the Grammarly browser plugin, go to the Chrome Web Store. You can get the Grammarly Chrome addon for free.

Step 2. Download the Free Version of Grammarly for Chrome:

Download grammarly for chrome

By selecting “Add to Chrome,” you can download the free version of Chrome. The download will begin as a result of this action. Say “yes” to the pop-up request to add an extension if you see one.

Step 3. Set up Grammarly for Chrome:

The first step in using Grammarly is to create an account. In Chrome, first, click the extension icon that appears to the right of the address bar. You can access Grammarly’s sign-up page by clicking the symbol.

Use your Gmail email address and a password of your choice to register for a free account. To customize Grammarly’s functionality, you will need to provide answers to a few questions.

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Step 4. Upgrade to Grammarly Premium:

You must now choose whether or not you want Grammarly Premium, the paid version. The commercial edition includes more features like advice for word choice and writing style, plagiarism detection, and more in-depth information regarding the app’s grammar suggestions and errors.

Step 5. Use the Demo Document as a Tutorial:

Tutorial of grammarly for chrome

Whether you stick with the free edition or upgrade to the premium version, you can click “demo document” on the following screen to learn more about Grammarly’s functionality. You can use this tool to learn how to utilize the app more efficiently.

How to Use Grammarly to Check Your Grammar:

After completing these steps, Grammarly is ready to be used to check your grammar as you work in Chrome. The app will appear as a tiny green circle symbol in the address bar’s upper right corner. Click on that icon to bring up a drop-down box that looks like this to confirm that it is active on the website you are currently using:


The Grammarly extension for Chrome is now available when you turn the grammar checker “on.” The Chrome browser will highlight any potential grammatical errors or issues when you put something into a text box. On the majority of pages where you can type, the grammar checker will function. Visit our in-depth Grammarly review here for additional details on the service.

Put your cursor over the sentence that has the potential error when Grammarly highlights it. The advice will appear in a pop-up window. If you agree, just click the suggestion, and your work will be changed. Here’s what that would resemble:


Correct your Highlight Spelling:

The drop-down box suggests “running” while highlighting the misspelled word “running.” The add-on will automatically correct your spelling when you click it. On a longer piece, that will appear as follows:


As you change the piece, you can check as many options displayed on the left here as you like. If you use Gmail with the Chrome browser, you can also use this in Gmail. Doing so will appear as follows:


If you agree, make the adjustment, but don’t be afraid to “add to the dictionary” or “dismiss” the idea as you go. Finally, keep in mind that Grammarly also displays a tiny indicator that indicates the tone of your writing, as shown here:

Show Icon

The piece’s general “casual” tone can be seen by clicking on the t-shirt icon. Make sure it satisfies your objectives, whether formal and unambiguous for corporate writing or personable and captivating for an email.

Grammarly is still among the best choices for in-context grammar checking. However, keep in mind that Grammarly cannot take the role of human reasoning and action. Even though Grammarly is one of the best solutions for grammar checking, it is only an AI application. It does not make human thought unnecessary. Remember that you are the author in the end, thus you don’t have to accept suggestions.

Final Thoughts on How to Add Grammarly to Chrome:

Being able to install Grammarly to Google Chrome is a godsend for writers. It makes sure that all of your writing, including emails, blog posts, web copy, and social media posts, is accurate and error-free. You have the opportunity to modify your work to fit the audience without compromising editorial quality when you have control over the tone of voice.


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