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LinkedIn is a leading professional social network for recruitment. Find here some LinkedIn hacks for Recruiters and increase your hiring number as per requirements.

Is LinkedIn a Good Recruiting Tool?

With over 470 million candidates and recruiters connected, LinkedIn is the recruitment industry’s hub. According to estimates, new hires found on LinkedIn are 40% less likely to quit their jobs within the first six months. And more than 75% of those who recently changed jobs utilized LinkedIn to help them make a decision about their careers.

Over the past few years, LinkedIn has introduced a number of fantastic features. These new features are made to make it easier for you to interact with your network, increase your presence, and add some personality:

  • Video meetings
  • Photo frames
  • AI feedback
  • Keyword Suggestions
  • Profile views
  • LinkedIn Stories
  • Live videos
  • Polls
  • Reactions
  • Name pronunciations
  • Carousel images

LinkedIn is now used by 93% of recruiters to find competent applicants. That impressive statistic shows how valuable a tool it is; if you’re not using it effectively, you could be losing out on a lot.

The willingness to pay extra for premium LinkedIn services varies, though. Here are 5 quick and simple LinkedIn recruiting techniques in case you aren’t yet persuaded to switch to a paid LinkedIn account:

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1. LinkedIn Alumni:

Any college or university profile that includes LinkedIn Alumni benefits greatly. Great if you’re seeking for new hires with similar educational backgrounds – a more personable method for recruiters to present themselves.

Here’s a quick walk-through:

Click on

It’ll take you to a page that looks like this:

You can use the search bar to enter the name of the college or university. In this instance, we will use Cambridge University as an illustration.

You’ve just been given access to a wealth of useful information. You can see that this particular university has 334,562 alumni, and you can also learn more about:

  • where they live
  • where they work
  • what they did 
  • what they studied 
  • what they’re skilled at

Want to increase your effectiveness? Use the filters to reduce the number of results from your search.

For instance, you’re trying to find a former student at Cambridge University with a background in accounting. The number of alumni matching your search will be updated when you search for “accounting”; in this case, that number is 3,853:

Let’s imagine that you are seeking recent grads to participate in your new graduate program. You can choose a date range to limit the candidates listed to those who graduated within that time frame:

1. Continue scrolling down to view alumni that are relevant to your particular search.

2. Build your database (No InMail required);

  • Locate a recruitment network with a sizable following.
  • Observe their profile.
  • Click the “more” button.
  • Send an instant message

3. Export your connections:

What if we told you that you could import all of your LinkedIn contacts into your software or recruitment system database?

Select Connections from the My Network section.

2. On the screen’s top right, click the “Manage synced and imported contacts” button.

3. Select “Export contacts” from the list of options on the right.

4. Complete the form to request a copy of your data’s archive.

4. Going beyond the 100 search results limit:

How annoying is it when you reach your 100 search limit? Let’s look at a LinkedIn trick that lets you conduct more than 100 searches.

Although you’ll need to be familiar with Boolean searches to use Recruitment Geek’s LinkedIn Xray Search, all you have to do is enter the pertinent talents.

This approach has been tried, tested, and repeatedly shown to be successful. Let’s first examine the advantages:

  • unlimited searches
  • completely free of charge 
  • no sign-up

5. The hashtag strategy:

You must have assumed that hashtags were only used on Twitter or Instagram. Or perhaps you thought it would be too informal for LinkedIn? This trick is now widely used by recruiters to look for applicants with the necessary job abilities or industry experience.

Several hashtag tricks

search quickly for popular hashtags related to a job.

Make sure they are uncomplicated and impartial.

If you are the page administrator, use LinkedIn analytics to track powerful keywords.

watch out for popular hashtags

Adding relevant hashtags to your posts can also help increase post interaction and expand your network. You can look for networks or potential candidates by searching and following hashtags related to your sector.

Just like how you see here:

Questions & Answers help in Bonus LinkedIn Growth hacks,

Is Linkedin still relevant in 2023?

With due cause, LinkedIn has gained our trust and is now a crucial resource for all recruiters throughout the world. The network now boasts an astonishing 830 million users as of 2022. It continues to be the biggest professional network in the world and is every recruiter’s go-to resource for finding top talent.

How does the Linkedin algorithm work for recruiters?

The goal of the LinkedIn algorithm is to increase the relevance and appeal of users’ newsfeeds. LinkedIn has put in place a four-step method for distributing material that enables users to stay away from spam and pointless articles.

The system is meant to surface the most qualified individuals to recruiters in addition to filtering out improper stuff. Throughout this procedure, a number of things are considered:

  • application to the organization
  • skills
  • experience
  • trend in hiring

Any wholesome recruitment funnel has LinkedIn to thank for it. It’s quite unlikely that its status as the leading social network for recruitment would be challenged given its constantly growing user base, regular improvements, and abundance of features and capabilities.

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