12 Myths of Project Management

Myths of Project Mangament

Project management in all industries has more than one myth. Everything you need to know and understand about the most common myths of project management.

List of most common Myths

  • All Project Managers Are Tech Savvy.

Many professionals are of the view that project managers need to be technically savvy. In today’s technological age, management becomes more important in various industries and organizations.

  • Project Management Involves a Lot of Math.

Today the technical fields are booming very fast. You probably don’t want to write out your math problem by hand, you need to use software to do it.

  • Project Managers Must Use Spreadsheets.

During project management, many managers become excel wizards through daily practices. But it means they should not be excellent wizards before.

  • Project Managers Must Use the Agile Methodology.

Organizations are all agile by the project management system. In fact, many project managers have questions about whether the agile project management method is better.

  • No One Likes to Work with a Project Manager. 

Many team members do not want to share reports or work with the project manager.

  • Robots Will Take Over Project Management Jobs.

AI (Artificial Intelligence) is now booming very fast. We take the work by robots for repetitive tasks. The robot can be handling all project management jobs.

  • Project Failure is Due to Poor Project Management.

If a project fails everyone blames the project manager, Due to heavy responsibility and pressure on the shoulders of the manager.

  • Project Management is Highly Scientific and Technical.

Project management is dealing with some level of technology, math, and science. But it depends on the type of project.

  • Technology is the Most Important Resource in a Project.

In today’s digital age, we are completely dependent on technology in our daily life. Life without technology seems like a grueling halt.

Technology is the most important part of project management but is not completely dependent on technology.

  • Project Managers Must Serve As An Information Hub.

The project manager has all information from the client/customer. Managers serve as a liaison between clients, stakeholders, and project teams.

  • Project Managers Have All the Authority.

Project managers have a huge responsibility when they are managing a project. This does not mean that they have every right to take any decision.

  • Project Management and Program Management Are the Same.

Project management and program management are separate and their operations are by a professional project manager.

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