10 Questions to Ask Your Penetration Testing Provider

10 Questions to Ask Your Penetration Testing Provider

Here are the 10 Questions to Ask Your Penetration Testing Provider. Read and follow

1.         What are the certifications held by your company?

If you are finding any penetration testing service Providers Company, you need to know the company certification. If the company have certifies with CREST (The Council for Registered Ethical Security Testers). Also, you must check ISO/IEC 27001:2013, PCI DSS

2.         What is your penetration testing methodology?

Every Company or Organization has different types of methodology like terms, people, technologies, objectives, etc. if you contact any penetration testing service providers then you need to know they are following all methodologies and have strong technology.

3.         What are the things covered under your penetration testing report?

An ideal penetration test report must follow the contain –

•           Executive Summary

•           Vulnerability Overview

•           Vulnerability Details

•           Risk Score (such as CVSS)

•           Action Plan for Remediation

•           Conclusion

4.         How do you maintain internal security in your company?

Penetration testing is very helpful in maintaining internal security in your company. It has stored all information with a service provider even after testing has been completed.

5.         Does your penetration testing service include remediation service?

Some penetration service providers give a good service and after a test is concluded, they are not offering remediation of the vulnerabilities. It is better for the long run and offers full-fledged remediation services.

6.         Have you made any vulnerability disclosures recently?

During penetration testing team have to knowledge the latest technology and deep dive into the existing security problems. They need to improve the quality of their services. Some organizations use new penetration testing tools for good results.

7.         Is your penetration testing service automated or manual?

My penetration testing is followed by manual testing. Because automated tools have limitations and hence, they might miss important vulnerabilities. 80% of the total testing activities should be manual.

8.         Who would be conducting a penetration test and what are their qualifications?

All service providers have a senior expert at the time of an actual test. They send the work to his junior. This process not is done in every penetration testing service provider. You need to know the qualifications, background, work experience, etc. of the personnel.

9.         Do you perform background and screening checks on your team members?

Sometimes for security purposes, you need to check to screen your team members. But testing service providers come from a good background.

10.       Will my services remain available during a penetration test?

It is not practically feasible to guarantee the availability of your service during a test. When they are finding what the thread is in your system. You can share the relevant information about error-robust systems in your technical department. A good service provider will always help you and monitor all the systems in your technical infrastructure to solve problems.

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