What is a Bug Free System?

Bug Free System
What is a Bug Free System?
Bug free system

Bug free system flawlessly works in your app, software, or any other systems. You want to like a bug-free app in your working place.

Let’s discuss the types of software bugs and what the defects in software development are.

What is Bug?

A bug is a barrier to your work’s successful execution. It comes to the fault in a computer program or software system. When it happens you get an incorrect or unexpected result and behave in an undefined way.

Bug classification

  • Critical
  • Major
  • Moderate
  • Minor
  • Cosmetic.

Types of Bugs

Actually, there are 3 types of bug categories, but software testing is done on the basis of nature and user experience.

  • Performance Bugs:

No users or organizations want to use poor-performance software. Software bugs can impact your software speed, stability, and response time.  It’s all sign to solve by performing testing development process and making a bug free system.

  • Security Bugs:

Security is the most important part of all users or any organization. While using any software security is the high priority of a user. It can put your data at risk and also damage the overall image of the organization. Cyber threats are always ready to attack your system with a weak point. So developers put special focus on reducing security bugs to minimize the risk of cyber-attacks.

  • Unit Level Bugs:

The unit-level bug is a general-level bug in software development. It’s not too harmful to him. This can be solved with a little testing of the code as a whole.

  • Functional Bugs:

Every software is providing good features. If any functionality is not working properly, then users will start rejecting the function again. It is also called a functional bug. The software or application button function is not working or the entire software clickable is not working. This is done by the functional testing team and functionality errors are identified.

  • Logic Bugs:

It is the most frequently found bug in software code. Logic bugs or errors make the wrong output from your software and software can crash or fail.

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